Bio-Meth Supplement Powder for Horses

For use as a nutritional supplement to treat biotin and methionine deficiencies in horses.
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Bio-Meth is for use as a nutritional supplement to treat biotin and methionine deficiencies in horses.


  • Each 400 grams is a 30 to 60-day supply for an adult horse
  • Easy and convenient method of supplementation
  • Dramatically improves hoof condition in 3 to 5 months with daily feeding

Indications: For use as a dietary supplement for horses as an aid in prevention of biotin and or methionine deficiencies.

Dosage: 1000 to 1200 pound horse is 15mg of D-biotin and 5 grams of dl-Methionie or 2 teaspoonfuls per day.  For heavier horses double the above dosage.  The dosage for poneis is one teaspoonful per day.  Supplemntation may be necessary for 6 to 9 months.

Administration: Biometh can be administered by mixing the daily dose in the concentrate or by top dressing on grain, preferably rolled or ground. To facilitate proper adhesion of biometh to the ration slightly moisten the grain with water or liquid supplement.

Note: 1 teaspoon of biometh weighs approx 3.5 grams and contains 7.5mg of D-biotin and 2.5 grams dl-methionine. A teaspoon measure is encloded in each package of biometh for convenience.

Ingredients: Dl-Methionine, D-biotin supplement, rice hulls, and brown dye.

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