Where do you ship?
Right now, we ship to the United States and its territories only.

My order was declined, but it's still showing on my credit card statement. Why?
Any purchase attempt anywhere online results in a pending charge in your bank account. When you attempt to buy something online, the site relays the information you provide to a merchant processor, who confirms the information with your bank. If the information you provided doesn't exactly match what the bank has on file, the merchant processor will decline the charge and the order won't go through. But your bank will still show a pending transaction for the amount, as they don't know when the processor made the inquiry whether or not they will accept the order.

These pending charges could stay on your bank account for a day or two, or several days. It's all up to your bank and the processor and there's nothing we can do from our end to facilitate the process, as it is completely external from our site. Rest assured you will only actually be charged for something if the order is a success. Any temporary authorizations for declined orders will disappear from your account.

This is not specific to AffordableVet - any declined purchase from an online merchant would be handled in this manner.


Why don't you carry "xyz" product?
Our inventory grows steadily, but is limited to products we know we can acquire and ship to you at great prices. Prescription items will be coming soon. If you're looking for something we don't have, just email us and tell us what you need. We'd be more than happy to hear about customer demand and add it to our store catalog.

Do you offer prescription medications?

At this time we are not a licensed pharmacy and only deal in over-the-counter products for pets.

Why do you ship in such generic packaging?
You came here to buy a product, not a box. Lots of websites ship in fancy bags and boxes with their company name, logo and other information printed on them. That costs money. As a consumer, you end up paying for that packaging in the products you buy. We do everything we can to keep prices low, including not making you pay for our name to be printed on our shipping bags. We even recycle the boxes and packaging we receive merchandise in by using them to ship customer goods.

I need something you don't have. Can you get it for me?
That's very possible. Just send us an email and let us know what you're looking for. We'll see what we can do about adding it to our product catalog.

What can I do if I have a question about a specific product?
Two things: You can either email us your question and our veterinarians will get back to you, or you can post your question publicly on any product page. Our veterinarians will review and answer your question there where it can be visible to all shoppers and potentially help others.

Can I use an international credit card?
No. Since we only ship to the USA, all purchases must be made by American-issued cards.

How does your Loyalty Program work?
Points are awarded as indicated for buying products, sharing on social media, and referring business to our site. Points for external actions are issued immediately. Points for purchasing products are deposited to your loyalty account when the order is shipped. You are able to cash in your points for various discounts during the checkout process. The redemption section will only appear once you have enough points to qualify for a discount.
Point redemptions are as follows:
150 Points = $5 discount code
275 Points = $10 discount code
525 Points = $20 discount code