FullBucket Equine Probiotic Paste, 32.5gm Tubes

This yeast based strain of probiotic can be used during antibiotic therapy. Naturally supports gut health and for optimal immune function.
$160.00 - $384.00
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FullBucket EQ Paste was developed by veterinarians through careful scientific exploration and formulation, to provide a superior quality product to horses and other equids. FullBucket uses only the highest-quality ingredients and provides a treatment-level of therapeutic probiotics in every dose. Veterinarians use FullBucket products to prevent or assist with digestive problems that can lead to diarrhea associated with antibiotics, stress or colitis.

FullBucket Horse Probiotic Paste is the Strongest S. boulardii horse probiotic in USThis product is to be used when horses are showing signs of stress or have been on antibiotics. If your horse is under stress from training, travel, medications, hot feeds or stall stress, improving the horse GI system is the first order to get them back on track and healthy.

Signs of stress in horses:
• Loose or watery stool,
• Diarrhea,
• Poor hair quality,
• Inability to gain weight.

Horse Probiotic Paste Contains the Highest Concentration of:
• Probiotic - 100 Billion CFUs - Strongest in the US!
• Prebiotics - To feed your horse's good microbes.
• L-Glutamine - To help gut lining health.

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