Low Price Guarantee

At AffordableVet.net, we guarantee our advertised medication prices will be lower than any competitor for the same product. If you find one of our products advertised for less somewhere else, tell us.

We won't just match our competitor's price, we'll beat it.

Please make sure the following criteria is met before submitting a price-beating inquiry to us:

  1. Competitor's price must be their published, publicly-advertised regular everyday price.
  2. Coupons, discount codes or other unique customer-applied discounts on competitor pricing will not be beat by AffordableVet.
  3. Competitor's item must be exactly the same dosage, quantity, brand, product, etc. as the comparable item on AffordableVet.
  4. Any shipping charge the competitor would add to their advertised price must be added to the overall product cost for consideration and compared against our shipping charge.
  5. We do not offer a low price guarantee against Amazon Prime prices. Since Amazon Prime offers free shipping under a paid subscription service, it is impossible for us to calculate a fair comparison price against their offerings. We also do not price beat eBay listings, or listings on any other public marketplace.
  6. The product must be medication (includes vitamins, supplements, etc.). We cannot price-beat general merchandise items. Our advertised prices on such products are always as good as they possibly can be.

Submit any price-beat guarantee claims to us using the contact form on the Contact Us page.

AffordableVet.net does reserve the right to deny any price-beating inquiry.