ProbioticWise Granules & Paste

ProbioticWise is a cutting-edge blend of prebiotics and probiotics that supports both the health of the horse and a beneficial microbial environment.
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ProbioticWise is a super concentrated source of both prebiotics and probiotics that contribute to the maintenance of a normally functioning digestive tract.


  • Maintains the healthy population of beneficial bacteria throughout the GI tract
  • Supports the restoration of normal GI tract function in horses challenged by diarrhea (when the GI tract is functioning normally diarrhea can be reduced or eliminated)
  • Supports complete digestion of starch and sugar in the foregut, lowering the risk of hindgut upset and pH imbalances (acidosis) that can lead to colic and laminitis
  • Supports reduced inflammation levels in GI tract tissues
  • Supplies nutrients to the gastrointestinal tissues that support the healing of stomach and colonic ulceration
  • Supplies polyphenols, nucleotides, and polysterols—antioxidants that contribute to the maintenance of healthy intestinal cell membrane function

Veterinarians frequently recommend ProbioticWise™ to support a healthy GI tract in horses who are:

• Active in a lifestyle where schedule and feed changes are necessary
• At risk for digestive upset due to metabolic disease or old age
• Challenged by a new or demanding training schedule
• Convalescing after surgery or recovering from illness or injury
• Currently or recently treated with NSAIDs and/or antibiotic
• Predisposition to grain overload and hindgut acidosis due to a high-grain diet
• Susceptible to gastric or colonic ulcers due to lifestyle or past history

ProbioticWise™ can be used to support the restoration of normal GI tract function in horses challenged by:
• Acute or chronic diarrhea
• Colic
• Foal scours
• Laminitis
• Colonic or gastric ulcers
• Digestive imbalances due to lifestyle changes or travel
• Digestive distress due to illness or injury

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