Power Punch High Potency Multi-Species Nutrient and Energy Drench (Gallon)

Power Punch High Potency Nutrient Drench Use at any time an animal is under stress due to birth, weaning, shipping, changing feed, heat or cold stress, diarrhea/scours, or following antibiotic treatment.
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A high potency oral formula that provides nutrients and energy. This ready-to-use formula can be given to multiple species in times of sickness or stress to help support normal energy levels, a healthy appetite, and proper digestion. Administer to animals when kidding, weaning, handling, weather changes, shipping, sickness, post-antibiotic treatment or when the animal appears with low energy.

Species: Beef and dairy cattle, calves, sheep and goats

  • Convenient ready to use oral formula that can be drenched, top dressed, or mixed into water, milk or milk replacers. 
  • Provides energy and nutrients to animals when they are in the most need. 
  • Provides a boost to get animals back on track.

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