Zimecterin Paste & Zimecterin Gold Dewormers

Removes tapeworms, roundworms and bots with a single dose. Contains ivermectin and praziquantel.
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  • Zimecterin
  • Zimecterin
$6.99 - $12.99
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Zimecterin controls a wide variety of important internal parasites with just one dose. It is safe for adult horses and foals as young as 6 weeks of age, and may be used in mares at any stage of pregnancy. Stallions may be treated without adversely affecting their fertility.

Zimecterin Gold combines ivermectin, a leading ingredient that controls a wide variety of parasites, with praziquantel, an ingredient that specifically controls tapeworms. Together, they provide excellent equine parasite control. ZIMECTERIN Gold is approved to control more species and stages of equine parasites than any other brand.  It controls 47 species and stages of equine parasites in all.

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